Week 3: Do It NOW!

This week has been a challenge to get back on track after traveling over the weekend. I have managed to not miss any deadlines but I still struggle with keeping some of the daily readings and finding time to sit. I’m sure all of you can relate who have families that it is hard to simply get away to simply sit and be still. I guess I need to see what time of day works best to do this important task. What time of day works best for you to sit? If I sit too late I usually fall asleep and if I try to attempt it around my children I am interrupted. This has been one of my biggest challenges since starting this program.Once I figure out the best time for my family and schedule I think everything will start coming together more easily.

Revisions, revisions… I don’t mean this negatively at all. I am actually enjoying this process of adding and revising because it is kind of a game to see how precise I can be and keep my DMP under 400 words. I was very excited while editing last night that I was able to cut it down to 399 words! It is important to be specific and choose the words very carefully. The best part about the 400 word limit is that you cannot possibly ramble or you will end up over the limit and confusing your subconscious. Clear and concise seems what we are all striving to achieve.

That about sums up my week with struggles to make time for sitting and writing revisions. Hope your week is going well! DO IT NOW! (This has helped motivate me many times when I thought I could do something later.)

do it now


Week 2: Overwhelmed… but hopeful

I am feeling overwhelmed this week between work, family and keeping up with the readings. I have found comfort in the routine of reading and dreaming about the future. I am struggling with balancing all these balls in the air and am silently holding my breath in case one of these is dropped. I have faith that this method will work but all this reading is a bit daunting at times. I also have faith in God that He has lead me to this course for a reason.

I actually heard about it from a friend who took it last year and invited me to take it with her. It was not the right time last year but this is the year to make big changes and rewrite my mental blue print. I think what I am enjoying the most is being allowed to dream again. Not that I ever needed anyone’s permission to do so, but sometime after college, marriage and a few children I forgot I could still dream. I continue to awaken this part of my mind and I await with hope the realization of these dreams coming true.


Week 1: Kindness of a Stranger

I am very excited to begin this journey of self discovery and change my subconscious thoughts. I have been struggling with my old blue print which is more comfortable with procrastination and sets me up for failure. I have had a few hiccups along the way since my books have not been delivered to my home yet but God willing they will be here by Oct 3rd. I think getting into the habit of reading three times a day has been one of my challenges, but starting new habits no matter how beneficial to your future, are met with resistance.

I have been blessed by the kindness of a stranger, also taking this course, who scanned the first reading and emailed it to me. I think this act of kindness has touched me the most in this first week because I am one who will at times struggles with a difficulty not out of pride but more due to me forgetting I can ask for help. As a mother of four children, I have learned to just do things myself to complete my tasks. I do ask my husband for assistance at times of course and he is willing to assist, so this may be something I need to remember that I can ask for help. This simple act of kindness was a simple reminder to me that I thought was worth sharing.

I look forward to the weeks to come and the transformation of my old blue print into the new.